Liberman A noticable number of the modern words for 'boy 'girl and 'child' were originally colloquial nicknames, derogatory or whimsical, in part endearing, and finally commonplace.In some Middle Eastern cultures, characteristics affirming boyhood include physiological features associated with prepubescence, such as pubelessness and the inability to ejaculate.

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Cultural and religious life Altar boy (see above) Choir boy designates a boy (always a minor) singer in a choir ; here applies a specific physiological, artistically relevant criterion: they remain a musical category of their own ( boy soprano, also known as a treble.Furthermore, specific terms refer to minors used in the armed forces: Drummer boy Ship's boy is a minor in naval training; boy seaman refers to specific, low-paid apprentice ranks, notably in the Royal Navy ; until the middle of the twentieth century, they were the.