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to 10,000 in a key moment. He kidnaps Vesper Lynd and uses her as bait to capture, then torture 007. No (1962 this is the first ever Bond film and therefore this casino scene sets the tone of what inevitably becomes an iconic feature of the movies. The original Bond film, the original Bond (Sean Connery and the original casino scene its no surprise Dr No makes our top five list. Goldeneye (1995 after a big break from casino scenes, Goldeneye brings it back with Pierce Brosnans first appearance as 007. One could say that this one scene defined Bond for the decades to follow and made Connerys interpretation the definitive one against which all future actors playing the secret agent are compared too. Although shutting down nuclear warheads and battling villains in outer space might not be the easiest (and most realistic!) way to be like Bond, beefing up your gambling skills and taking a chance at winning big certain. It is the most well-known variant of poker and, when it was released, Casino Royale contributed significantly to the rise in interest in this game. Diamonds Are Forever, released: 1971, game Played: Craps. Compared to the other casino scenes in Bond films, this one stretches out over a large portion of the film. For a taste of Bond life, try your luck at royal vegas casino. The chair was fitted with a fibreglass screen to prevent any unwanted injuries to the leading man. The game, craps is a dice game which can be played by single player competing against the casino, or amongst multiple players. Whether a player wins or not depends on james bond casino scene to total value on the dice rolled and in certain cases they may shoot the dice more than once to establish a winner. Set within the lush landscape of Jamaica, despite being a low-budget production, Dr No went on to become a financial success and popularised the secret agent genre in the sixties and the years to follow. Diamonds Are Forever (1971 game played: Craps. It is also a prominent section of the film filled with suspense and tension. The plan goes perfectly but 007 refuses to give him the password to access the account holding the winnings. The game is also incredibly tense as the players all fight for the huge prize pot. For an MI6 operative who regularly complains in the books that his government pay isnt enough, winning all that money must be welcome addition to his monthly salary, and probably keeps the ladies happy as well! On April 24, the first unit filmed scenes in the opulent lobby of the Grand Venetian Hotel, then moved to its polar opposite: a two-day shoot on an abandoned barge where Le Chiffre hands out the gruelling torture. Before Le Chiffre can kill Bond, enigmatic terrorist Mr White murders Le Chiffre, leaving Bond alive. The first film since License to Kill in 1989 was also an opportunity to give Bond his first visit to the casino in a while, making it something of a revival of the casino scene as well as the franchise. Casino Royale, released: 2006, game played: Texas Holdem, daniel Craigs first appearance as the super spy also marked a reboot of the Bond franchise in a grittier style with fewer gadgets and insane stunts. Also Vesper is responsible for him falling into the trap, so her motivation to heal him and be with him comes from the guilt over complicity. Again, there is a beautiful woman involved, Plenty OToole, who he manages to woo with his assertiveness and suave performance. While playing Craps, Bond manages to seduce the wonderfully named Plenty OToole (Lana Wood) while on his way to winning 65,000.

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Second and third place on the best casino scenes list. Thats the Bond standard, wagers when veranstaltungen playing craps are made in cash not chips and the player must make bets on different outcomes which are represented on the table layout. Diamonds Are Forever 1971 sean Connery returns and takes first. Posted, casino Royale 2006 game played, whether its Roger Moore playing Backgammon in India Octopussy George Lazenby playing roulette in Portugal On Her Majestys Secret Service or Daniel Craig fighting bad guys in the elaborate setting of a Macau casino.

James Bond while busy playing a classic casino card game.Just like the, james Bond in the book version, the super-spy is playing an old-fashioned version of baccarat known as Chemin-de-fer.Bond just wouldnt be, bond without the glamour and tension of an intense casino scene.

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Categories, a Russian agent, it all looks over for Bond when he loses his stake 1965, and what a scene. Chemindefer, so its only payday fair that Casino Royale is given pride of place on the list. The famous line casino Bond, is born from this scene as Sean Connery. James Bond, agent 007 not only survives against all odds in the field. This particular scene is set in the fictional Whyte House. Baccarat Chemin de Fer, dr No, he also manages to defy them in the casino in any game he tries his hand. All the while observing a beautiful lady at the same table. James Bond 007, bond sits at a table playing his favourite game. This is the only time we ever see Bond playing Craps in all of the films. Bond takes on Xenia Onatopp, of course, chemin de Fer makes another appearance in the third Sean Connery film to make the list.

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